The Language & Law e-journal is an open-access, double-blind peer-reviewed e-journal which offers a forum for research on the interdependence of language and law in all of its facets, from theoretical approaches to the resolution of practical issues.

Its scope includes the role of language in law and society, theory of law and language, forensic linguistics, translation and inter-cultural issues, legal interpretation, law and literature, as well as applied issues like authorship attribution, language in the courtroom and computational aspects.

The goal is to increase the number of high-quality scientific publications, as well as to develop and establish new methods of network-based cooperative information management which will in turn establish high-speed, open, and transparent digital peer publishing in an appealing environment.

Advantages of publishing in an e-journal:

    * Long-term Archiving
    * Citability by Uniform Resource Names
    * Certified Registration in national Data Bases and Catalogues
    * Representation of Multimedia Components
    * Professional Publication System

As an open-access e-journal, Language & Law does not require any kind of membership registration - you are free to read, contribute and participate.
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Language & Law invites all original high-quality papers which comprise points of interface between the disciplines of trade, law and communication. Copy- right remains with the author(s). Language & Law works with a high-class specialized editorial board and guarantees speedy processing of submissions while maintaining strict quality control.