A Great List Of 20 Criminal Justice Term Paper Topics For College Students

In a term paper, a good topic is an essential element. Without a good topic that you like, you will hardly be able to compose a deep, profound research that will be interesting to your readers.

How to Choose a Good Topic?

The choice of a term paper topic should not be underestimated. The topic that you choose determines the things that are going to occupy your mind and free time through the nearest several months. That’s why, give attention to this choice and pick out the one that you really like.

If you feel that you are able to compose a good topic on your own, you are welcome. Yet, if you think that you will hardly cope on your own, you should think about looking though useful suggestions that can be found on the Internet, especially at online writing services.

Below, you will also find several ideas that can be used in your work. However, make sure that before you start to use them, you customize them to meet your needs, in the first turn, and also to make them unique and different from the topics that other students choose.

  1. Should federal crimes receive capital punishment?
  2. Is there any difference between selling drugs to adults and to teenagers?
  3. Should there be any difference between juvenile courts and those for adults?
  4. Is there any correlation between being a criminal and being uneducated?
  5. Can domestic violence be reduced or prevented by more information regarding this problem?
  6. Does extra aggression always necessarily lead to committing crimes?
  7. Are there any effective steps that can prevent or significantly child abuse?
  8. Are juvenile crimes always a consequence of bad parenting?
  9. Can capital punishment exist in the world where wrongful conviction exists?
  10. Can cybercrime be the trigger that ruins the world of today?
  11. What are the reasons why campus crime still can be encountered?
  12. Is there any connection between crimes and the gender of criminals?
  13. Is there any correlation between crimes and the ethnicity of criminals?
  14. Does lower intelligence influence the criminal bias of a personality?
  15. Does lack of employment cause growth of crimes?
  16. Are there effective means to stop human trafficking?
  17. Can sexual crimes become extinct in a developed society of the future?
  18. What is the specifics of religious crimes?
  19. Does racial profiling help reduce the number of crimes?
  20. Can prisons be more effective and less destructive for a personality?

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