Speech Writing

Speech writing involves writing something that is both captivating and persuasive; this not only involves selecting a topic that informs and engages but also persuades the audience. Having discussed how to choose a topic we have exposed a couple of speech ideas.

The purpose of a persuasive speech is to motivate listeners to do or not to do something. The speaker should try to sway the audience to adopt your viewpoint. The best speeches will hence be thought-provoking with a clear opinion. You should select a topic you are not only passionate about but widely knowledgeable about so that you are in a position to argue your opinion and objectively discuss- counter-arguments.

Choosing a topic for your speech

There are certain things to consider while selecting a topic to ensure your topic is well-thought-out and widely researched.

  • Familiarity 

When you select a topic, you know it will be easier to research about them and speak about them.

  • Interest

Passion is the fire that glues the whole research together. When you like something, researching and talking about it will be easier and enjoyable and the audience will see the enthusiasm and easily persuaded.

  • The audience’s interest

Put yourself in the audience’s shoes, if it’s something that you think they will be interested in incline yourself to that topic as you don’t want to bore your audience by talking to them about something they don’t care about.

  • Visualize

Speaking about something that allows your audience to create images in their minds makes it easy for you to persuade them as they can easily see your vision.

  • Be unique

Be sure to select a topic that has not been overdone as if it is a cliché then the audience will have heard about its numerous times hence it will be very difficult for you to maintain their attention.

  • Emotional topics

It’s not always about how you say it or how you say it but more of how it makes your audience feel. If you choose a topic that moves your audience then your persuasion is complete as people incline to things they feel for.

  • Relatable

Be sure to select a topic that your audience can relate to either from their society or country as this will ensure you capture their attention.

What is your desired outcome, the goal of the speech? This should be your driving force when selecting a topic. Most of the time you will find persuasive speeches online, from the radio, newspapers, and TV. They can act as a guide for you when selecting your topic is trending or personally touchy subjects are recorded then. Since there might be the availability of these topics it is advisable to select one that you know about and very passionate about.

To wrap this up, we believe that this article comprehensively covers everything that you might need to develop a convincing speech. In short, put yourself in the shoes of your audience and begin to write from there. This will help you connect well with your readers.

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