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One of the most challenging tasks in writing an essay is how to select an appealing topic. Without a topic, you can’t start writing the essay. On a lucky day, your teacher may give out a theme, but this happens on a few occasions. The phenomenon usually puts students at a tight corner. There is no direct way of choosing a topic. You need to be innovative and look to the bigger picture when doing this. The theme must reflect the subject matter or type of essay in the best way possible. 

Tips for Choosing a Topic

The topic you choose for your essay can determine how effective and appealing it will become. You will build your essay using the topic as the foundation. Therefore, a weak topic may result in a weak piece. The problem should be something you are passionate about or interested in. This gives you the room to explore the subject more and write with more in-depth knowledge. Also, who is your audience? Your target audience determines how deep or shallow you treat the topic. If your targets are kids, the topic should be clear and straightforward. The opposite goes for adults and people familiar with the subject. Lastly, the topic must be relevant in the current dispensation. So you can choose to write about Covid-19 or ways to build the immune system due to its relevance now. 

COVID-19 Topics

Topics on Covid-19 have gained relevance due to its consequences worldwide. As such, people are also searching for information on it. You can take advantage of this, do your research, and come out with a great piece. Here are some topic ideas

Can you transmit COVID-19 to pets?

  • How will COVID-19 change the old normal?
  • Is working from home a way to go after the pandemic?
  • How do countries recover economically after post-Covid-19?
  • Things we can do to stop the spread of the virus
  • Activities affected by the pandemic 
  • Can the world blame China for the spread of the virus
  • Mental health problems resulting from Self-isolation and quarantine periods 

Cause and Effect Essay Topics

  • How staying positive can boost your immunity
  • How parking your car and using a bicycle can improve your health and reduce pollution
  • Are college students more successful than dropouts are?
  • Keeping a long-distance relationship working

Informative Essay Topics

  • How slavery in the United States started 
  • The causes and long-term effects of stress
  • Racism in the US
  • How the Vietnam War started

Definition Essay Topics

  • What is success, and how do you measure it?
  • What is procrastination and its effect on your life
  • Does true love exist?
  • What does love mean to you?

Descriptive Essay Topics

  • Your favorite travel destination
  • Your first day in school
  • The best feeling ever
  • How you inspire yourself daily 
  • Your best childhood memory 

Good Persuasive Essay Topics

  • The immorality of hunting wild animals
  • Why everyone should be vaccinated during pandemics
  • Importance of extra-curriculum activities 
  • The need to exercise every day
  • Prostitution must be criminalized

Argumentative essay topics

  • Is capital punishment acceptable?
  • Should there be an abortion ban?
  • Why the current tax regime makes the poor poorer 

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