Rhetorical Analysis Essay: Topics and Guidelines

You can write a rhetorical analysis could of various subjects and medium. It could be of an academic article, literature, movie, or a TV program. Primarily, you seek to identify how the author of the work you are analyzing developed his/her arguments and whether they achieved or are achieving their intended purpose. The good thing […]

Speech Writing

Speech writing involves writing something that is both captivating and persuasive; this not only involves selecting a topic that informs and engages but also persuades the audience. Having discussed how to choose a topic we have exposed a couple of speech ideas. The purpose of a persuasive speech is to motivate listeners to do or […]

The Best Essay Topics & Ideas

One of the most challenging tasks in writing an essay is how to select an appealing topic. Without a topic, you can’t start writing. On a lucky day, your teacher may give out a theme, but this happens on a few occasions. The phenomenon usually puts students at a tight corner. There is no direct […]